Orange Juice Problems

It was recently reported that a lot of orange juice is not actually being made fresh. Instead it is kept in massive vats for up to a year before it is bottled and shipped. That’s disquieting isn’t it? I mean who wants to drink year old orange juice. They end up loading it up with massive amounts of preservatives, and then shipping it out. But best of all, it looses much of its flavor over the course of the year. It becomes necessary to us a flavor enhancer to get the taste of oranges back into the juice.

This becomes a bit annoying when you are specifically buying orange juice that is not from concentrate, but it obviously is. The orange juice itself is not from a concentrate, meaning it is not watered down, but all the flavor is. This method of descriptive advertising is extremely annoying and something needs to be done about it, soon. We already have dolls with proportions that are impossible for girls to achieve, but that is suppose to be the standard for beauty.

Most of our food is actually created to appease the eyes, at least for commercials. For example, did you know that for jello commercials they use some much jello powder that the food itself would be uneatable. They use mashed potatoes as vanilla ice cream because it looks taster. There are whole professions around the world that deal with nothing but trying to get people to eat food. There are taste specialists, which is to be expected, but then there are photographers who do nothing but take pictures of food. Seems a bit excessive if you ask me. There really should not be any people who make all their money taking pictures of food.

The deceptive food practices do not just stop at commercials, but everything we have ever done as a species. We breed corn so that it looks more appeasing then it really is, in fact we go as far as genetically engineering it. A lot of our food is actually modified in some way by scientists. In fact, 100% of the corn in the United States is genetically engineered. Anyone who has eaten corn or any of the corn by products has in fact eaten a GMO. The big controversy was should be label the packaging of food that has been genetically modified, but it was decided that most of the food in the United States has been modified and it would be sorta pointless to label everything. So it was decided to scrape the whole idea and sweep it all under the rug.

What is annoying, though, is that there are still stupid people out in the world who protest genetically modified foods. There is no such thing as a piece of food that was not genetically modified anymore.

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