Hello Everyone

Welcome to the first ever Orchard Fun website.  We are not looking to be an advertising firm for orchards, but instead just a general blog about nature.  We believe that nature is one of the most important things in the world, second only to family and religion.  We hope you follow us through our paths of enlightenment.

The weather might not always agree with what you really want to do, but there is always things to do out.  The key is to know what to during each of the 4 seasons.  I know a lot of people just think its Winter, Still Winter, Almost Winter, and Construction, but there is a lot more to the weather then that old joke!

Spring time is an excellent time to plant crops and watching life come out of its winter slumber.  Plants everywhere are blooming and sleepy animals are just getting up.  Those of you who have a green thumb are already planting your gardens.  This is the best time of the year to get all your work done around the house so you can really enjoy the summer months.

This is the time to enjoy yourself! Go out and look at all the things in nature.  Pretty much everything is in full bloom, and certain plants are already producing fruits and veggies!  Its time to go to the beach and take a relaxing dip in the warm water. It will not stay that way forever, though. We need to recycle to keep the plant clean!

The fall is time for family and friends.  It’s a time for a lot of yard work in the back yard.  Its the time for death and renewal.  It is also time for the harvest with everything pretty much ready to be picked. The colors during this season are absolutely amazing. Its a great time for photographs!

The winter is time for everything to sleep and get covered in snow.  This can involve a lot of hard work clearing the snow over and over.  The world is blanketed in snow, and those who can stand the cold can see some amazing sites! Nature just rocks!Snow Tree

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